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When all other lights have gone out, only The Remnant remains! 

    Welcome to The remnant. The Remnant is a rank 7 Kinship on the Riddermark server for Lord of the Rings Online. We're very friendly and have weekly group/riad nights as a Kin House. Other activities are on the way. If you are interested in joining we are looking for helpful and active players of any level. To join sign up here or look for an officer in game.


Kin House...

Arcainum, Jun 28, 11 9:10 PM.
The Remnant's brand new Kin House


Arcainum, Jun 16, 11 11:44 PM.
Some of the Kin just about to finish conquering Fornost...


Join in on the Fun...

Arcainum, May 19, 11 8:35 PM.
If you haven't yet be sure to log in for our group/raid nights, or fellow up with your Kin mates any time in between. Check the Raid/Group Nights tab in the info box for days and times. We're just getting started and there's all kinds of other content to try out.

Needs page...

Arcainum, May 14, 11 4:41 PM.
I replaced the progress page with the Needs page. Because our Kin is more casual I can't imagine us having any kind of strict raid schedule . Although we will definitely continue to have raid/group nights. So I decided to find a better use for the page, and came up with a "needs" page. There we should be able to see crafting professions as well as being able to requests things to be crafted. Also if you need a hand with a quest or would like to try specific group content you can put the request on this page. Hopefully, for those that would like to use the website, It will become a helpful tool for you to use.

Grouping/Raiding starts this Tuesday...

Arcainum, Apr 29, 11 3:37 PM.
This tuesday (May 3rd) at 6:00 p.m. will be the Kins first raid/group night. We will continue to have raid/group 
night on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m., and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. Each night will have a different 
theme. Tuesdays will be the night where everyone 20+ will have the opportunity to join in on the fun. These 
nights will most likely include The Great Burrows or different skirmishes. Thursday nights will be nights where 
we try to get to different higher level raid areas. (A more serious night that will most likely entail content 
you need to pay for). Finally Saturdays will be a 6-man group night. On these nights we will group up into 
fellowships and each one can decide what they want to do? Also note that the Kin meeting place is in the 
prancing pony in the north-east of Bree-town. There we will party up and decide what we want to do depending on 
what that nights theme is. If you have any thoughts or concerns feel free to voice them.
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